Monday, December 30, 2013

Holiday Humbugginess...

I don't mean to brag but during the holidays I am one of the most spirited people out there. I'm talking one level under the old lady wearing the ugly Christmas sweater and the blinking light necklace spirited. I listen to Christmas music BEFORE Thanksgiving, yes I am one of those people. I absolutely love everything about Christmas; the lights, the colors, the music, and well EVERYTHING!!! but I am sad to say  this year I just wasn't feeling it. Maybe it was because my dad's side of the family didn't come to town. Or maybe it was because I had to work the entire week up until Christmas eve night. it may have been because Tucson; which is normally all Christmassy with lights and decorations; was in fact NOT Christmassy with lights and decorations this year. it could also be that Arizona is a million acre litter box and never sees any white Christmases in the valley. Either way I just wasn't feelin it and it made me really sad. It felt like a normal day that included some presents and really good food. And i even forgot to bring home leftovers back to tucson!!!!! I am hoping that this bah humbug mood will pass with the new year and that things will start off right. its a new year with a new major, love and job so hopefully it will be a great one and wont fly by as fast as the last one did. But seriously where did that time go!!! I feel like it was yesterday that I was setting up show rings in Del Mar.

 Oh a little background, I worked in Del Mar, Claifornia this summer for a month at the San Diego County fair in the livestock barns. It was a good time and I made a lot of money and met some pretty awesome people. But back to time flying by...I feel like one minute it is dragging on but the next it is gone in the blink of an eye! for example Christmas day feels like it was eons ago, yet it was only five days ago!!!! Maybe a certain package from a certain someone will lift my spirits and bring me into the holiday mood again. Unfortunately since my boyfriend lives in New Mexico we couldn't spend our first Christmas together. (insert sad face) I am waiting for him to get his present and honestly I can't wait for him to get it!! Casey if you are reading this.... you have to wait and see what it is I am not going to tell you... even in this post!!!

I am almost more excited for him to get his present than to receive mine...almost. My sister and I were talking about this on Christmas day. We are reaction whores. We are almost more excited to see the persons reaction to our present than actually receiving a present. It's weird I know but don't judge.

Well since now I am rambling and making absolutely no sense I will just end this post right here...IN UTTER CONFUSION!!! Just kidding :) night everyone.

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