Monday, January 13, 2014

So much to tell....

Well what can I say I've been slacking. I feel like so much has happened since I last wrote but really all I have been doing is working. I know boring right...but its ok I'd rather be bored and working than bored and not working. I spent the week working at the Legacy Traditional Schools while I was home for winter break. For those who do not know which is probably most of of my many jobs is a custodian for the Legacy Traditional School district. Yes people I am a janitor. All week I was cleanin classrooms, offices, bathrooms and takin out the trash. It was quite the week that's for sure. All in all it was a great week though. I got to ride a lil bit and chase a few steers on Tank and ride out in the wash a lil bit too. Above all I was able to be home for the better half of a week. Even better than being home for a week was my family came to Tucson for the weekend. 
My little sister had a volleyball tourni in Tucson so on Saturday we went to the tourni. Unfortunately the girls were 2-1 but they played well for their first tourni and I was pleasantly surprised with how well they actually did and how well they played as a team. After the tourni we came back to my appartment and vegged for the rest of the day was great. we watched the playoff game and ate lots of food. The family decided to stay another night and the day was spent playin with the dogs and watchin the Denver game!!!!! I couldn't have asked for a better weekend. 
When I went to college I knew that I would miss home, my family, my horses; but I never thought that this far into college I would still miss home so much. I miss being able to walk out my back door and go on a ride. I miss being able to go into my sisters room and talk with her until midnight. Even just sitting around eating dinner with the family. I miss the little things. It is crazy how when you're in high school you can't wait to leave. Every day feels like a million years and ya can't wait until you walk across that stage and grab your diploma, until you start packing all of your things, until you walk into that dorm room and meet your new roommate. you can't wait to saty up until all hours of the night, drink until you fall down and eat whatever you want. Then reality sets in. You stay up so late you miss your eight o'clock and a pop quiz. You drink too much and end up throwin up for two days and your head feels like it will never be the same. Then comes the freshman fifteen. No matter what you tell yourself, no matter if you promise to hit the gym everyday and eat oatmeal for breakfast salad for lunch and chicken for dinner it just doesn't happen that way! Soon enough you start getting pulled into the carb filled life of ramen, pasta roni, and netflix. 
I know I will always miss home and everything that comes with it but one day I will have a home of my own maybe not in five years or even ten but it will happen and  I look forward to it. until then I'll have to get through college and figure out what I am to do with my life. because at the moment I have no idea! With the next semester right on around the corner graduation is gettting closer everyday and I still have no idea what I want to do. So here's to another semester of late nights, good friends and early classes. 

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