Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Spring 2014

Well it is here people... Spring Semester 2014...BUM BUM BUM!!!!! I have seriously spent my entire day trying to get my life together for this semester and I am actually really excited for it to begin. It may sound a bit nerdy but I miss learning and having to actually think. I know I will regret that statement in about three or four weeks but for now I miss it. I am starting a new major and working to get my awful GPA back to where it needs to be. unlike most students my rough year wasn't my freshman year. No it was these last two semesters...right in the middle of my college career. And it freakin' sucks!!! So my goal is to turn it all around and graduate on time or at the very most a semester late. I'm pretty excited for my new major and to kind of start over... if only my GPA started over. Live and learn I guess. So this semester is about working hard and making the effort and not getting pulled into the same mindset as the last two semesters. I am going to work hard in school, work and I even started working out. Today. Hey you gotta start somewhere right? So here is to a successful semester mentally and physically (insert fist pump here).
Even though last semester was rough here are a few of my favorite memories. So enjoy and have a good night :)

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